Zeus Tells A Joke

Some civilizations become so advanced they just float around in space as clouds of information using photons as bits. Others live in immortal bodies and fly around through worm holes visiting other inhabited planets. One of these found the earth. The little alien was making notes to the effect of how dreary and boring the place was when its space ship began to wobble and falter. Eventually the creature was forced to make an emergency landing. The space ship hummed for a bit and then died. It’s power had completely disappeared, an impossibility… To make matters worse, the creature felt it’s mind begin to fade. Something in the atmosphere was nullifying all the creatures’ tech, including that of its body. It had a limited time to figure out its problem. After a while a solution occurred. He would get a job. If he worked hard enough he would save up enough money to go to college and learn enough to fix his space ship. After further thought, the creature decided perhaps just a decent job with the right girl in a middle class neighborhood. The creature’s body began to age and arthritis set in. He was fired and eventually lost his apartment. The right girl moved in with her sister. He sat on the beach late one warm night and stared up at the stars. “So pretty”, he thought, and died.