A Good Day

The rumbling clouds rolled away. The air became quiet. Water dripped off the leaves. Cinchy the crow stepped outside. A long path stretched away down the hill through the forest and eventually back to where Cinchy lived.

“Today is a good day for a bike ride”, Cinchy declared. And then he thought to himself, “If only I owned a bicycle.”

The first bike store was too expensive. The second bike shop was too cheap. “You get what you pay for”, muttered Cinchy as he headed to a third bicycle store. The third store was priced just right, but all the bicycles were too big. Cinchy tried the last bike shop in town, but those bicycles were too small.

Cinchy was about to give up on his original plan when he saw a sign in Ringbottom the rabbit’s front yard, “Bike for sale”. The price was just right, and the bike was just the right size.

Unfortunately, Cinchy did not know how to ride a bike. He crashed into the shrubbery. He rode into Ringbottom’s garden and toppled into the giant leaves of Ringbottom’s rhubarb plant. Ringbottom watched through one eye as Cinchy went zooming into a water fountain.

“Don’t you know, Cinchy”, said the rabbit, “that crows don’t ride bicycles? Crows can fly! Why, if I had wings, I would fly around all over the place!”

Cinchy drew in a deep breath and then exhaled with a sigh. He surveyed the forest, the hills and the horizon beyond.

“Today is a good day for flying”, declared Cinchy.


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