The Fox

I watched as the finest kids from the suburbs filed in and sat in one row. Their hair had corners like one end of a box. How does anyone get their hair to look like that with a comb? Their clothes fit and were made of cotton. They filled out their pants like high school… Continue reading The Fox

A Good Day

The rumbling clouds rolled away. The air became quiet. Water dripped off the leaves. Cinchy the crow stepped outside. A long path stretched away down the hill through the forest and eventually back to where Cinchy lived. “Today is a good day for a bike ride”, Cinchy declared. And then he thought to himself, “If… Continue reading A Good Day

Waddya Know, Joe

That crazy guy is making a u.f.o. in Miller’s field. He’s Joe Miller. He owns the lot. The kids have always played in it. He didn’t seem to mind. His house, adjacent to the field, is obscured by a lot of trees and shrubbery. No one ever saw him. On Monday he started welding something… Continue reading Waddya Know, Joe

The Nightmare

They found the house in twilight. It was always twilight. They peered through the little basement window. Row after row, stack after stack of nothing but jars of pickles barely visible in the dim turquoise tinged light. The house was inexplicably reinforced. Ordinary looking, yet the windows were unbreakable, the doors were especially fortified. No… Continue reading The Nightmare

Ben Loves Liana

Ben Wolanski and Dave Bundy are the only ones allowed in this room. They talk to a computer that talks back. Everyone in the world talks to this computer, since copies of it are placed on every thumb chip. No one is alone. Everyone has a friend. The office phone rings. In the year 2045,… Continue reading Ben Loves Liana