“Cat City” by …

In the town of Furville lived Cats and Dogs. Though they lived in the same town they were sure never to cross paths. This was the agreement, and none had ever broken it. One night, a group of dogs took a wrong turn and encountered some cats. Tension was immediate.

No one wanted a fight, but one was sure to happen. The dogs feigned charging, looking around, alternating between aggression and worry. The cats kept very still, some hissing. One dog leaned in a little too close, snapping at a black cat that seemed further away than it was. The cat whipped its claws in an arc and the dog jumped back, yelping.

The fight was furious. All the animals gave in to their natures, tearing, biting and clawing in a blind rage. The dogs, however, out matched the cats. The cats realized this and nimbly made their escape, scattering at high speed and disappearing into the dark.

The agreement had been broken. When the other dogs found out what happened, they decided it was time to be rid of the Cats. Tomorrow, during the day when the cats were asleep, they would track their scents and kill them.

The cats foresaw what was to come and had a plan of their own. That night, while the dogs slept, the stealthiest cats dressed up a third of the dogs so that they looked and smelled like cats. Then all the cats left their town and settled in the shadows of a nearby tree covered hillside.

The next morning, the dogs arose and were startled to find Cats in their midst. The cats watched and listened from the hillside as the dogs tore each other to pieces. When only a few wounded hounds remained, the cats returned.

And that is how Furville became Cat City.

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